Lake of the Woods Group Returns to Pinehurst

The annual Lake of the Woods area golf trip returned to Pinehurst March 8-10th with 22 golfers anxious to leave the cold snowy conditions in the greater Fredericksburg, Virginia area for the warmer weather and opportunity to swing the sticks for the first time in 2015. The opening round on Sunday at noon did not disappoint. The track was Deercroft Golf Club, which was a first time play for most on the trip. The weather was spectacular-sunny, light breeze and high 60′s. Since it was 2 degrees just 2 days before-the weather alone was worth the trip. The course and clubhouse were not particularly impressive, but the folks running the place were extremely friendly.  More importantly (which is why the GOLF has no “I” in it, because it is all about ME) I won all of my betting money back (and then some) on the first day, by being on the winning team and winning one of the closet to the pin competitions with a 2 footer for birdie; a great way to start the season, by posted an 86. We only had a chance to grab a quick sandwich at the turn which was pretty good, but the hot dogs I understand had spent a bit too much time in the cooker. That evening after dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, we hit one of our favorite spots, the Cookout, a small, local fast food joint-that has 40 flavors of milkshakes. WOW-the place is always busy, great service and GREAT Milkshakes. My Latino friend Dave, a milkshake aficionado, gave it his highest ranking, 5 moos!

Our 2nd round was at The Legacy Links Golf Club, one my favorites from last years trip. The weather with a 9  am tee time was a bit more brisk, but warmed u a bit, but with partly cloudy conditions it was an “On/Off” jacket day. This course, I soon remembered has some very tricky greens and the areas around several of the greens was wet, which made chipping a bit more problematic, which is rarely the least of my worries, so the scrambling 95 should have come as no surprise. Disappointing round in virtually all aspects of my game, and the other three in the foursome were equally challenged by both the course, and our ineptitude. Gene, however, shared a great golf joke about a lucky leprechaun, that I’ll add to my golf joke list. About half of the group, opted for a 2nd round. We did however, stop for a bite to eat, and the clubhouse did not disappoint. There were some menu choice differences, but the high quality, quick service, friendliness of staff were still the same. I was sharing last year’s blog post with the server and realized that the Beef Brisket was MIA for the menu, but that most had raved about the chicken salad sandwich, which was a great choice and I would highly recommend.

The 2nd time out was equally abysmal and started with a 50 on the front, but finished with just 2 over par the last 6 holes to card a 42 on the back-so, as is the case with golf, just enough good things to make me want to come back for another day!

The Lesson Leaned for the day: “We would never have a friend who talked to us, how we talk to ourselves on the golf course…….think about you moron”



























































































































Rock Harbor Golf Course

Rock Harbor Located just outside of Winchester off of I-81 is one of the Shenandoah Valley’s true gems-Rock Harbor Golf Course. A participant of the VSGA program, for the cost of a cart ($26) we played “The Rock” course which is the original part of the golf course which now has 27 holes fully operational and a few others that can be played as part of the “Boulder Course” which should be completed by next summer giving the course a 36 hole tract. The first time I played the course, which was several years ago, I was amazed at the amount of work must have been involved in moving the huge boulders, creating the lakes, spectacular tee-boxes and enormous greens. The additional holes that have been added are stunning! The 200 yd. 17th hole par 3, that must have a 200’ elevation drop to a heart-shaped green, is breath-taking with expansive views of the valley. Each hole is unique with many challenges including elevation changes, risk-reward options, water-hazards, well- placed bunkers, a formidable rough, undulating massive greens, cinder-waste areas and random boulders, but clearly a fair course that is well-maintained and visually appealing. I always look forward to returning to Rock Harbor, not just for the golf, but the Rock Harbor Grill is one of my absolute favorite 19th holes of any of the 100+ courses I’ve played in Virginia. Susie, one of the managers in the grill,  welcomed us in the morning and three of us chose a country ham, egg and cheese sandwich on rye-which was definitely the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had all year. The ham was cooked to perfection, not too salty and complimented with a slice of cheddar cheese it was a great way to start the day. As I explained to Susie,  in my world golf is just an excuse to eat, and we would be back at the end of our round, she concurred with the suggestion from Ava’s mom that the crab-cake sandwich would be a great choice for lunch. My round was a “If I could only make a putt” round, that featured 12 bogies, over half of which involved a missed putt that burned the edge of the cup. Oh well, it is a game of inches! Thankfully, I had the vision of crab-cake sandwiches to sustain me as I plodded my way around the course. My foursome finished well ahead of the other foursome that was part of our group, so we headed into the Grill. As advised, I ordered the crab-cake sandwich. Served on a soft Kaiser roll, with a tarter-sauce blend that added just the right amount of flavor to a sandwich that was mostly crab meat with little filler, and that any Chesapeake Bay seafood eatery would be proud to call their signature sandwich; it was worth the potential for a gout flare-up I sometimes get from seafood. While teeing off on 16, one of the course marshalls recommended the “Rock Club”, essentially a club sandwich, but with chicken salad to compliment the ham and bacon. All four who ordered the sandwich were impressed by the great chicken salad twist to the old classic and the size of the sandwich. I left more impressed than ever with this great eatery, which has won numerous local restaurant awards, and the friendly staff that makes even us hackers feel most welcome. I’ll be back soon and so should you, as Rock Harbor gets my first 5 star rating this season for both the course and the food! Wow and Yum!

Food:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Course:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Staff:5 Stars (5 / 5)