Spring Creek Golf Club, Zion’s Crossroad, Va.

IMG_0727Spring Creek, near Charlottesville, Virginia On Tuesday afternoon, amid the searing 100 degree heat, I joined three friends to return to one of my favorite courses in Virginia, Spring Creek. Located just off Rt 64 on Rt 15 in Zion’s Crossroads, the course had just hosted the Virginia Amateur Championships the previous weekend. As if the course is not challenging enough, the rough and pin placements added an additional level of difficulty that would have tested my best play. The fact that on this particular day it appeared that I had never swung a club in my life, to quote Tiger, “I had to grind my way around the course”. I can assure you that my version of “grinding” is more accurately described, as the “wheels fell completely off”, considering that after 3 holes I was 11 over par. Things got slightly better, as I finished the last six holes, six over for my worst of the summer 53 on the front nine. Unfortunately the back nine was as dreadful as the front, as I couldn’t find a fairway, hit a green or make a putt; generally not a great formula to avoid embarrassing oneself. My deprecating self-talk would have caused most golfers to quit the game all together, but apparently I’m a masochist and will return to humiliate myself again, soon I hope. Golf keeps you humble, which is a good thing I keep telling myself. Despite the horrific round (BTW none of the group played anywhere near their handicaps) the course was a visual delight; immaculately maintained, spectacular layout, incredible views and my first glimpse of the new clubhouse overlooking number 18 ; which is amazing and fitting for this great tract. The old “shed” will soon be gone (approximately three weeks according to the guys in the pro-shop). I’ll reserve any critique of the clubhouse food until I return to play when the new clubhouse is open. I did grab a hotdog at the start of the round which was grilled and pretty darn good. If you haven’t played Spring Creek you should really book a tee-time. The course has attempted to become a private course, which I understand it is on the weekends, but at $60 during the week it is well worth it. Unfortunately, they are clearing a large area adjacent to the back nine for homes to be built that will dramatically change the visual sense that you are away from the city. Despite this, as long as the course is well-maintained it will still be an enjoyable place to play, and the new clubhouse will be a great addition. Play it now, or be ready to join.

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