Pinehurst Golf Days 3 & 4

Tuesday saw the old hackers heading to what would be the nicest course we played on the trip; Tallamore. Gaining some interest a number of years ago having the option of using Lamas to carry the golfer’s bags, the idea never took off and the remaining Lamas relegated to a penned area on the back 9, inconspicuously watching the golfer’s carts wiz by giving thanks for their own new life of leisure.
The 8 AM tee time barely dodged a frost delay, and although the sun made a vain attempt to peek through, the wind kept the temperatures feeling cool. The course was a tremendous layout, with many golf-friendly improvements scheduled for later this year including renovated greens, elimination of numerous bunkers and removal of hundreds of trees. The only other game improvement projects I could recommend in enlarging the cup and doubling the width of the fairways, as well as a mulligan a hole. Despite not having those advantages I did manage to post a 42/45 for a respectable 87.
The snack bar was a nice setting, especially the deck overlooking #18; a great place to enjoy a beer. The food choices were minimal, with the bar-b-Que being the most highly rated by our group, but the beer was cold and the staff very friendly.
A number of us played a captain’s choice 2nd round and then headed for Kurt’s Cuccina a phenomenal local Italian restaurant we found last year. Again the culinary highlight of the trip, unless you count the numerous milkshakes at Cookout! This eatery gets 5 stars from me in all categories. The quality is outstanding, the portions ample, the setting very friendly and the clientele, in addition to the many golfers, appears to have a large number of regulars

Our final round was played, as always, was Highland Hills and manager Bridgett and Ozzie the amazing Border Collie. One of the most welcoming courses I’ve ever played and the course, although having just a few difficult holes, is a great layout. Bridgett helps put the entire outing together and clearly loves what she does. Better yet-my first birdie of the year (2 to be exact), my first sub 40-9-hole score (39-with double on # 9 ) and best round of the year of 83, what’s not to like; especially since golf is all about ME! The 19th hole is a typical golf snack bar; nothing elaborate, dogs, subs, chips, etc., but Bridgett always has a large chocolate cake for our group which is a great way to end a great outing!
Great 4 days of golf, and already have it on my schedule for next year!

2016 Golf Season Kickoff

Well the 2016 Golf season has officially began for me down in the Sand Hills area of North Carolina. The annual trek comprised of primarily Lake of the Woods, Va. residents headed up by Wayne Cook is always an event I look forward to and in this case this represents my first round of golf in 2016. This year’s trip was scheduled for a week later than usual, with the hope of getting further away from the spring aeration of the courses and better course conditions and hopefully better weather conditions. The two course so far; Legacy and Longleaf definitely had better conditioned greens, but the weather was in the 40’s and windy both days. Not Fun!! Of the six foursomes, my team of Dave, Don and Tommy won the front nine and overall total using a modified Stableford system, having very little to do with me-posting a 92 with 18 points. The second round was played at Longleaf Country Club, the winds were wicked and although more sunny- the greens were twice as fast as the ones at Legacy, and certainly more tricky. Due to the winds several par threes required clubbing up 2-3 clubs just to make it to the green. I posted an 89 with 18 points-so pretty consistent, but no payday for me or my team members Clay, Mike and Pete; but lots of fun always, and such a great group of guys. Since we started late on Sunday, we only ordered a Bloody Mary, which was prepared by a rookie bartender coached by the bar manager. Not bad for the first time, but as we told them Zing Zang is the way to go for Bloodies! After finishing Monday’s round, we dined at the Longleaf Bar & Grill. I selected the ½ Chicken salad on rye and a cup of the soup of the day, vegetable beef. The service, although very cordial was a little slow. Despite waiting longer than expected for our lunch, and the Rye being toasted when requested not toasted, and one of our table members leaving after his order was incorrect and anticipating another delay- the food was pretty good. It was a great chicken salad sandwich and the vegetable beef soup very tasty, although too heavy on the broth and short on the beef and vegetables. Dave had the cheesesteak sandwich, Don the club sandwich and Tom the Triple Crown. Tom also provided a detailed explanation of the correct way to make a grilled cheese sandwich which the Triple Crown upon its arrival hit right on the mark. Two slices of cheese on the inside (in this case mozzarella and American) and after grilling one side, sprinkle shredded cheese on the grilled side and grill the other side. When done, flip the side with shredded cheddar cheese to caramelize, and the “perfect grilled cheese”! The Triple Crown sandwich pays homage to Longleaf’s long connection with thoroughbred racing. Dating back to the 1940’s, formerly Starland Farms, the location was home to the some of the finest horses and training facility which include three different tracks; vestiges that have been incorporated into the Don Maples designed golf course which dates back to 1988. Tomorrow we head to Tallamore and if the weather improves, the plan is to play 36! Unfortunately no Birdies so far, and plan to have a burger as well!

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Legacy Golf Course


Lake of the Woods Group Returns to Pinehurst

The annual Lake of the Woods area golf trip returned to Pinehurst March 8-10th with 22 golfers anxious to leave the cold snowy conditions in the greater Fredericksburg, Virginia area for the warmer weather and opportunity to swing the sticks for the first time in 2015. The opening round on Sunday at noon did not disappoint. The track was Deercroft Golf Club, which was a first time play for most on the trip. The weather was spectacular-sunny, light breeze and high 60′s. Since it was 2 degrees just 2 days before-the weather alone was worth the trip. The course and clubhouse were not particularly impressive, but the folks running the place were extremely friendly.  More importantly (which is why the GOLF has no “I” in it, because it is all about ME) I won all of my betting money back (and then some) on the first day, by being on the winning team and winning one of the closet to the pin competitions with a 2 footer for birdie; a great way to start the season, by posted an 86. We only had a chance to grab a quick sandwich at the turn which was pretty good, but the hot dogs I understand had spent a bit too much time in the cooker. That evening after dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, we hit one of our favorite spots, the Cookout, a small, local fast food joint-that has 40 flavors of milkshakes. WOW-the place is always busy, great service and GREAT Milkshakes. My Latino friend Dave, a milkshake aficionado, gave it his highest ranking, 5 moos!

Our 2nd round was at The Legacy Links Golf Club, one my favorites from last years trip. The weather with a 9  am tee time was a bit more brisk, but warmed u a bit, but with partly cloudy conditions it was an “On/Off” jacket day. This course, I soon remembered has some very tricky greens and the areas around several of the greens was wet, which made chipping a bit more problematic, which is rarely the least of my worries, so the scrambling 95 should have come as no surprise. Disappointing round in virtually all aspects of my game, and the other three in the foursome were equally challenged by both the course, and our ineptitude. Gene, however, shared a great golf joke about a lucky leprechaun, that I’ll add to my golf joke list. About half of the group, opted for a 2nd round. We did however, stop for a bite to eat, and the clubhouse did not disappoint. There were some menu choice differences, but the high quality, quick service, friendliness of staff were still the same. I was sharing last year’s blog post with the server and realized that the Beef Brisket was MIA for the menu, but that most had raved about the chicken salad sandwich, which was a great choice and I would highly recommend.

The 2nd time out was equally abysmal and started with a 50 on the front, but finished with just 2 over par the last 6 holes to card a 42 on the back-so, as is the case with golf, just enough good things to make me want to come back for another day!

The Lesson Leaned for the day: “We would never have a friend who talked to us, how we talk to ourselves on the golf course…….think about you moron”



























































































































Southern Pines Golf Club

Southern Pines Golf Club – March 11, 2014.

southern pines golf clubThe Donald Ross designed Southern Pines Golf Club was the site of the third day of our outing in the Pinehurst area of North Carolina. Although the entrance to the facility is unimpressive, the course itself  was in relatively good shape for early in the season, but recent aeration made the greens a bit tricky. The generous fairways would normally be receptive to my tee shots; however, that is assuming I could swing a club the same way twice in a row. After a double, triple, double start, my mental state apparently was a bit fragile, and I stumbled in with a pathetic 96, hopefully one that won’t count in my handicap calculations. With nothing remotely close to a birdie on my card, I felt it was time for a burger, and Mulligans on the 18th, the full-facility restaurant at Southern Pines did not disappoint.

I must add that prior to our tee time, we had the humbling experience of watching a group of young golfers (pre-teen to teenage boys and girls) from a Canadian Country Club, contort their bodies and crush shot after shot down the 1st fairway, from the tips. My only thought was, “Thank goodness they’re not behind us”, watching our beer bellied, fat asses hook, pull, slice, and drop-kick, our shots down several different fairways off the 1st tee. Oh to be young again!!

One neat feature of Southern Pines is that there is a concession stand at the intersection of several holes on the back 9. Poor play makes me hungry, so I stopped after Number 11 for a Chicken Salad sandwich. Knowing I was going to have lunch after the round, I opted for a ½ sandwich, which was excellent. Served on fresh multi-grain bread with large chucks of chicken and a perfect amount of mayonnaise- it was just the right portion to take the edge off the hunger, and adjust my mind to absorb three more consecutive pitiful holes, before finally making a few shots.

Mulligan’s on the 18th was the relief I needed to forget about the round; a delightfully friendly staff, appropriate seating in the restaurant, deck area overlooking the 18th green, and a full-service bar. Oddly the place is decorated with lots of Ohio State pennants, flags and signs. I learned that the largest contingent of Ohio State fans in the state enjoy Mulligan’s hosting of all the Ohio State games during football season. Mulligans is open every day, even when the course is closed as it is that popular with the area residents.

I enjoyed the “Mooney Burger”, a ¼ lb burger cooked perfectly served with Swiss cheese, coleslaw and chili, served with homemade, thick cut potato chips. I’ll be surprised if I have a better burger the rest of the golf season. Mt GDP’s (golf dining partners) had a triple-decker sandwich, a fried chicken sandwich, and a barbeque. All three were impressed with the quality and quantity of their choices and all were priced around $8.00. It was obvious why so many non-golfers were in the restaurant on a Tuesday afternoon, as the food was great, the atmosphere delightful and the staff incredibly hospitable, friendly and efficient. I’ll definitely keep Mulligan’s on the 18th on my short list of best golf-course cuisine, and give my highest recommendation to make it a must on your next trip to Pinehurst.

Food:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Course:3 Stars (3 / 5)
Staff:4 Stars (4 / 5)

Legacy Links Golf Club

legacy golf linksLegacy Links Golf Club – March 10, 2014.

The Legacy Golf Links, a Jack Nicholas 4.5 Star Golf Digest PGA course is a track that is well-deserving of the many accolades it receives from those who play in the Pinehurst area. For the second consecutive day we were fortunate to have spectacular weather conditions; low 70’s , clear skies and bright sunshine. It was much too nice a day to spoil it with a round of 90, filled with more 3 putts than I care to remember. No one in our group seemed capable of mastering the extremely fast greens. I understand the greens were recently re-done with a hybrid grass, which left me begging for a “gimmie” for anything inside of 1 foot, since even those had a chance to slide four feet past the hole. Unfortunately every putt had to be holed out. Who makes these crazy rules anyway?

The course was gorgeous, with many holes overlooking water, although little came into play, short of hitting a shot way off the mark. After carding a 42 on the front nine- including two legitimate birdie attempts on the first two holes (only made the second) I was guardedly optimistic about finishing with a strong round, but a triple, double, double start on the back 9 brought out the best of my creative, colorful self-deprecating diatribes. I still had the chance to break 90 with a par on 18, but a horrific chip shot got in the way; not too uncommon an occurrence for me.

We decided, given the weather and the unfulfilled promise of the 1st round, we’d play a 2nd 18-BIG MISTAKE!!! We did; however, have the chance to grab a bite to eat at the clubhouse grill. I chose the beef brisket sandwich which came with coleslaw and French fries. Recommended by the waitress, she was spot on. The tender-perfectly cooked brisket, seasoned with barbeque sauce on a fresh bun was delicious. Dave (a GDP) chose the chicken salad, which he said had just the right amount of mayo, large chucks of chicken and fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Tom had the triple decker sandwich on toast, which he also said was tasty, but too much mayonnaise for his liking. Rea, the pro from Lake of the Woods Golf Course in Locust Grove, Va., shared that the Barbeque (Carolina style, of course) was excellent as well. All agreed that although they love shoe-string fries- these were a bit too greasy. All of the menu items were reasonably priced, well-portioned and prepared and served quickly, always critical for those hurrying at the turn.

After finishing the second round, my thoughts were that we should have stayed and ate, and although the course was still picturesque and the putts still difficult, a 2nd birdie reminded me that I still need to order a burger- soon! This course will be a definite on our return trips for this annual outing.

Food:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Course:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Staff:4 Stars (4 / 5)

Hyland Hills Golf Club

Hyland Hills Golf Club – March 9, 2014.

My golf season is officially underway, and welcome to the first 2014 post to Birdies and Burgers, although my first round of the season had no birdies and not even a burger! However, after a 5 ½ Hour trip to the Pinehurst area, we (myself and 23 other golfers mostly from the Lake of the Woods area of Virginia) enjoyed the beautiful weather and friendly and gracious folks from the Hyland Hills Golf Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

After the rough winter the course itself was in pretty good shape considering the challenges of the cold and snow. As always “Ozzie” the faithful Border collie and the house cat are the center of attention in the clubhouse. The course itself was crowded, but the pace of play reasonable. A 6 iron from 176 yards on number 18 got me close enough to salvage a par for an 89 on the course, but the round was filled with missed opportunities and a few downright awful shots. But anything under 90 for an opening round of the season, especially with a must make par on 18, was a good way to start the season.

Given the late tee time and a scheduled early dinner, I chose to grab a ham and cheese hoagie at the turn. The menu in the snack bar was limited to a couple of sandwich choices, snacks and ¼ lb hot dogs, one of my playing partners chose.  The hoagie had plenty of shaved Honey-Baked ham on a fresh bun, which was served warmed at my request. My GDP (golf-dining partner- not some economic indicator) said the hot dog, san the chili, was cooked perfectly and tasty. The beer was a reasonable $3.00, and the food prices in the $4-5 range, and most importantly served by a staff that clearly understands the importance of a client-centric environment.

Everyone at Hyland Hills is incredibly friendly and engaged our entire group in conversation; again with Ozzie being the focal point of the interactions. He loves to ride around the course with Bridgett in a golf cart and entertain the golfers in the clubhouse with his quick reflexes as he stalks his rubber chicken or ball.

This trip to Pinehurst has been an annual event for many in the group, but just my second trip, and we will play the course again on Wednesday before we leave to return to Northern Virginia. I look forward to trying to best the 89 and visiting again Hyland Hills.

Food:3 Stars (3 / 5)
Course:3 Stars (3 / 5)
Staff:5 Stars (5 / 5)