2016 Golf Season Kickoff

Well the 2016 Golf season has officially began for me down in the Sand Hills area of North Carolina. The annual trek comprised of primarily Lake of the Woods, Va. residents headed up by Wayne Cook is always an event I look forward to and in this case this represents my first round of golf in 2016. This year’s trip was scheduled for a week later than usual, with the hope of getting further away from the spring aeration of the courses and better course conditions and hopefully better weather conditions. The two course so far; Legacy and Longleaf definitely had better conditioned greens, but the weather was in the 40’s and windy both days. Not Fun!! Of the six foursomes, my team of Dave, Don and Tommy won the front nine and overall total using a modified Stableford system, having very little to do with me-posting a 92 with 18 points. The second round was played at Longleaf Country Club, the winds were wicked and although more sunny- the greens were twice as fast as the ones at Legacy, and certainly more tricky. Due to the winds several par threes required clubbing up 2-3 clubs just to make it to the green. I posted an 89 with 18 points-so pretty consistent, but no payday for me or my team members Clay, Mike and Pete; but lots of fun always, and such a great group of guys. Since we started late on Sunday, we only ordered a Bloody Mary, which was prepared by a rookie bartender coached by the bar manager. Not bad for the first time, but as we told them Zing Zang is the way to go for Bloodies! After finishing Monday’s round, we dined at the Longleaf Bar & Grill. I selected the ½ Chicken salad on rye and a cup of the soup of the day, vegetable beef. The service, although very cordial was a little slow. Despite waiting longer than expected for our lunch, and the Rye being toasted when requested not toasted, and one of our table members leaving after his order was incorrect and anticipating another delay- the food was pretty good. It was a great chicken salad sandwich and the vegetable beef soup very tasty, although too heavy on the broth and short on the beef and vegetables. Dave had the cheesesteak sandwich, Don the club sandwich and Tom the Triple Crown. Tom also provided a detailed explanation of the correct way to make a grilled cheese sandwich which the Triple Crown upon its arrival hit right on the mark. Two slices of cheese on the inside (in this case mozzarella and American) and after grilling one side, sprinkle shredded cheese on the grilled side and grill the other side. When done, flip the side with shredded cheddar cheese to caramelize, and the “perfect grilled cheese”! The Triple Crown sandwich pays homage to Longleaf’s long connection with thoroughbred racing. Dating back to the 1940’s, formerly Starland Farms, the location was home to the some of the finest horses and training facility which include three different tracks; vestiges that have been incorporated into the Don Maples designed golf course which dates back to 1988. Tomorrow we head to Tallamore and if the weather improves, the plan is to play 36! Unfortunately no Birdies so far, and plan to have a burger as well!

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Legacy Golf Course


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